Descriptions of Free Files

Welcome to the free file area of Irrigation Mastery School. Here are the descriptions of the available files:

  1. Cheat Sheet for Choosing a Drip Method: This one-page document provides a summary of the mini-course "choosing a Drip Method" offered in this school. If you haven't taken that course, this is a good reference for choosing the correct drip method of either line source or point source for your projects.
  2. Summary of Steps to Design Drip: This two-page document summarizes the 7-step line-source drip design method taught in the Mastering Drip Design course in this school.
  3. Checklist for Line-Source Drip Design: This two-page document provides a checklist for the 7 steps of line-source drip design. It also contains a checklist of best installation practices.
  4. Irrigation Resource Library: This three-page document provides all the irrigation resources found on the resources web page on the Puddle-Stompers site. This is a virtual treasure trove of irrigation goodness! Here's the link to the web page in case you'd like to check it out.

If there are any specific tools or resources you would like to be made available here, please request them in the comments below. We will try to accommodate your needs and wishes.


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