These courses will help you unleash your inner irrigation designer, and give you the confidence to develop efficient and effective irrigation systems. Our focus is landscapes in California.

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I've collaborated with two amazing instructors to bring you a new three-part series called "Landscape Design with Water in Mind."

We're offering three individual courses that will give you the knowledge and skills to deal with water being either heavily restricted or denied for your landscapes.

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I recorded this video before COVID-19 hit, and gave us even more good reasons to use online education to uplevel your irrigation skills, knowledge, and services.

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Photo of Lori Palmquist

Hi, I’m Lori Palmquist!

I'm an irrigation educator, designer, and consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've been teaching irrigation to landscape professionals and the general public for the past 16 years of my 34-year landscaping career.

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There is a high demand for irrigation experts in the landscape trade. I have so much to teach, and I'm excited about this opportunity to help you expand into your irrigation expertise potential.

What People Are Saying About Lori

“Lori makes the technical accessible and fun. She teaches because she deeply cares about people learning and being comfortable applying cutting-edge water management skills in their communities. I love that Lori puts her heart, her mind and the planet at the center of her work and her life. Lori is a (self-described) ‘irrigation nerd’ with the soul of a gifted leader in the field of water management, and she gets my highest recommendation every time!”

Jane Sylvester - Landscape Designer and C-27 Contractor

"Lori has a unique gift for taking technical and complex principles and concepts, and turning them into easy to understand and implementable practices. She is committed to going beyond what could benefit her and her business - she genuinely wants to help others understand irrigation and water-use efficiency and expand their knowledge and skills."

Cheryl Buckwalter - Landscape Designer and Sustainability Expert

"As it should be, irrigation design is extremely technical, detailed and specific. Fortunately, Lori has an exceptional style of teaching that is inspiring rather than hydrologically overwhelming. Lori thrives on overcoming challenges which is absolute gold for us. Training under Lori gets you not only industry standards -- the knowledge she shares is far and above 'book smarts.' And then there is Lori – the signature smile, the 'not-to-worry' clever solutions, the humor, and a passion you just really want to be part of."

Ginny Babbitt - Irrigation Designer and Fine Gardener

"I consider Lori a terrific mentor and a champion of irrigation design. Not only that, she is extremely generous with sharing both her time and educational materials. She has clearly dedicated her career to help further everyone’s collective knowledge, and I’m very grateful."

Stephanie Morris - Landscape Architect

"I have attended several of Lori's irrigation classes and I can honestly say that she is the most knowledgeable teacher on the subject and has the most dynamic indoor and outdoor classes of all the courses I've taken."

Chuck Ingels - Former UCCE Farm and Horticultural Advisor for Sacramento County - Note: Although no longer with us, Chuck's passion, generosity, and contributions will live on in our hearts.